Funeral Masses

It is our honor to accompany you in spiritual solidarity at this heavy time of loss. On behalf of Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church and all our Catholic community, I extend our most sincere condolences to you and your family.

Please contact the funeral home first: The funeral home will make arrangements with the church to schedule the funeral Mass.

Desiring to provide the deceased with the benefits of the full and complete rituals of the Roman Catholic Church, it is anticipated that the body will be present at the Funeral Liturgy. Although not the norm, funerals may, by rare exception, be done with the cremains.

Mass with the body Present

All arrangements and scheduling for a Funeral Mass that will occur with the body present must be done through the funeral home. Please have your Funeral Director call Martha Betancourt, our Assistant for Pastoral Ministries.

Mass with Cremains Present

All arrangements and scheduling for a Funeral Mass that will occur with cremains (ashes) present will only be scheduled once the family has possession of the ashes. No Mass will be scheduled until the family has the ashes in their possession. Once you have received the ashes, please call our Assistant for Pastoral Ministries. Following the ceremony, the cremains are to be interred in a place of permanent repose, namely a columbarium.


All funeral liturgies include music at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church. This includes a cantor with organ or piano accompaniment. All music for a Funeral Mass is music sacred and liturgical. The use of secular music is not permitted. All music requests must be approved by the Music Director. If you have any questions regarding music please contact Michael Sayers (via email at or by phone at (954) 473-6261). At the time of your meeting with our Assistant for Pastoral Ministries, a music selection sheet will be provided to you for selecting your music.


Eulogies are not permitted during the liturgy at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church. Eulogies are to be done during the Vigil or Wake service (at the funeral home) or at the Rite of Committal (at the cemetery).

What NOT to Do

Do Not Keep Ashes

If cremation is chosen, the ashes are not to be kept at home on the bed-stand, nor placed on the living room hearth.

Do Not Sprinkle Ashes

If cremation is chosen, the ashes are not to be sprinkled nor spread throughout the backyard, or in the water of a nearby canal, nor in the ocean. Out of dignity for the body, the cremains are always placed in an urn, which is then put in a formal place of permanent repose, often a columbarium. It surely serves as a permanent place of remembrance, for reverent acknowledgement and visitation.

Memorial Masses

Saint Gregory the Great does not offer private Memorial Masses in place of funerals. However, we make available the opportunity for "particular" Mass intentions to be scheduled as part of the liturgical prayer of the Church. Simply contact the parish office to make arrangements.