At St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church and School, we believe that the Development Office is a ministry. Our main goal is to develop, grow, and advance BOTH the church and school. Yes, we are here to help raise funds for the church and school, but we are also here to reach out into the community with a loving heart in order to help those in need and to point those with means towards a goal that will benefit all of St. Gregory and the surrounding community. We are here to help build connections between the school, the church, and the community.

In the Development Office, we:

  • Cultivate relationships to help us fulfill the church and school’s mission and vision
  • Collect and manage data, conduct prospect research, record gifts, work with volunteers, collaborate with donors, and help to manage events
  • Grow a giving nature in our community
  • Educate our donors about the benefits of investing in our community

The Development process is sometimes defined as “fundraising”, but fundraising is only one aspect of development. Our fundraisers support immediate small enhancements or needs in the parish; however, the results alone are not sufficient to assure a parish’s survival for the future. Development has to do with long-range plans. Our premise is we will be here 100 years from now; as a result, that has set into motion a series of activities that will lead to a secure and sustainable future.

Some of us have a greater responsibility because of the gifts we have been given and because of our faith experiences. Many of our people have boldly accepted the challenge, and that is why St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church and School is what it is today! We believe that our school and parish are great gifts to our church and community. We commit ourselves to meet the challenges of the future and to look back on our past in gratitude to those who paved the way.